It has been done many times, and yet the question “what is the best way to propose” remains a tricky one. Because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to love. Whereas some prefer a public experience with live orchestra, others like to keep it small and intimate.  MiJu gives you four inspirational scenarios to help you get started.



A movie night out provides a great setting for a marriage proposal. Pick a great movie that you both like in a small local cinema. Ask if you can speak to the manager and make clear how important your loved one is to you – they won’t make a dime from helping you after all, it’s merely goodwill. The proposal: just before the movie starts, you suddenly remember that the car is parked incorrectly, and you disappear. Then you walk forward with a large bouquet of roses behind your back. Arrange for music to be played, preferably your song, and ask for your beloved’s hand in a personal way. Get down on one knee and open the pink MiJu engagement box. After the YES you crawl against each other, give your engagement ring and personal Love Story Book that you have already filled with precious memories and promises for the future in advance. You bet that movie is suddenly not that interesting anymore.



We know the classic: romantic evening out, fully dressed up, reservation made – at a chic restaurant with candlelight and chandeliers, a three-course menu. But you know the people in your small little town, and you may prefer to keep this moment just between the two of you. So, take the car and drive to another city. Maybe near a beautiful nature reserve – great for a romantic walk afterwards. And how about not “just going down on one knee”, but doing something special? Once the orders have been taken, give your personal Love Story Book – which you have patiently filled with kind words, and let your partner browse until the end ("The day you said YES"). This is the moment: pop the question. Such an alternative is public yet intimate. Perfect for the partner who doesn't like being in the spotlight. If he or she still wants to shout the answer from the rooftop, there is a room full of people to witness your special moment. Of course don't forget to put your MiJu engagement ring on afterwards!



A sunny day at the beach. Parasol, booklet, a well-filled picnic basket and two glasses of wine. Your partner thinks about relaxation, you yourself are full of tension. First, find a spot near the sea and decorate your place romantically. Pull out the Love Story Book that we have created for you to capture your personal story. While your partner is reading your texts, you write a vow in the wet sand, something à la "I love you", "you are important to me". Pour the champagne glasses full and wait for the right moment to ask the big question and show your MiJu engagement ring. Watch the sunset together - golden memory guaranteed. And you can add that as a last snapshot to the Love Story book.



You can't get away from it: Paris is the city of love, and the light. Drive a few hours to get to the most romantic scenery, and your proposal simply cannot go wrong. Let's face it: after strolling along the Seine with Notre Dame – illuminated streetlights in the background, or strolling through Montmartre with a crepe in hand, the nerves have really subsided. The environment does the job. You can go for the traditional sightseeing approach, and ask the question at the Eiffel Tower. Or take a more personal approach and search for places that really say something meaningful about your partner and your relationship. You could even go on spec and wait for the right moment to arise. Just make sure your MiJu diamond engagement ring is firmly in your pocket when you leave your hotel in the morning. A great idea is to bring a disposable camera, so you can take a nice snapshot of la moment suprême, for the last page in your Love Story Book.