MiJu Official

Materials & Care

Because we want you to be able to wear our gorgeous MiJu jewelry as much as possible we made sure all our items are made out of the highest quality materials.

Our solid gold collection is made out of 9k solid gold. This means it will never change color, rust or make your skin turn green.


Pure gold is a soft material. That's why it's often mixed with other materials to make it more durable and hard.

9k gold has 9 parts of gold and is mixed with 15 parts of other materials which makes it harder than 14k gold. Please note our solid gold items are nickel free!

Solid gold jewelry will last you a lifetime and won't damage by being in contact with water.


We carefully select each gemstone ourselves.

Not only do we look at the color and cut we also take into account its meaning.

For our first collection we used Garnet, Morganite and Diamonds.

Jewelry Care

Even though we use precious high quality materials there's a few things you can do to keep them in optimal condition.

In order to keep your jewelry shiny as long as possible we recommend to take off your MiJu items during the following activities:


- Cleaning, harsh detergents affect the shine of your jewelry and its stones.

- Swimming, the chemicals chlorinated pools might damage the metals and gemstones.

- Excercising, don't take any risks of breaking your MiJu jewelry.



- Store your jewelry in our special pink gift boxes. (or any other dry and clean place)

- Clean your solid gold items with water, a small drop of green soap and a soft toothbrush.

- Never use toothpaste to clean your jewelry

- Don't use ultrasonic cleaners or harsh detergents, especially when your items contain natural gemstones.