Love Story Book

A way to make your proposal even more romantic and memorable.

Because every time you read it, it will take you right back to that magical moment she said YES!

How does it work?

Selecteer het juiste taal vak voor je persoonlijke boek

1. Choose your language

Select the correct language box, Dutch or English.

In case you buy the ring for yourself you can also choose to select the "No Book" option.

Upload twee foto's voor je persoonlijke story boek

2. Upload Two Pictures

Before adding your favorite ring to your product cart you need to upload two pictures.

Picture one is your first picture together. Picture two is your favorite memory together.

We'll print these pictures on actual photo paper and put them in your book.

Vertel je persoonlijke verhaal door alle vragen in te vullen

3. Fill out all questions

Once you receive your book, the only thing you need to do is answer six questions about your relationship.

Describe the first time you met, your favorite memory together and the reasons why you love your significant other.

P.S. I love you

Inside the book..

The book contains three pictures, six questions and three quotes. The first two pictures we'll print on actual photo paper for you (old school but personal). Picture three is a picture of: "The Day You Said YES!" which you can add to the book yourself.

The rest of the book is left empty and is called, Chapter 4, the Future.

All questions in the book lead up to the proposal. This way you can give the book before OR after the proposal. Either way, you're making sure you'll never ever forget this magical moment.