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Ring Size Guide

Finding your ring size has never been so easy with our step by step Ring Size Chart.

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Step By Step

Follow the next 4 steps in order to find the perfect size.

Step 1.

Cut out a 15 cm stroke of paper as thin as possible. 

Step 2.

Wrap the piece of paper around your finger. Measure the finger on which you want to wear your new ring.

Step 3.

Mark the spot where the paper is crossing. 

Step 4.

Measure the part of the paper stroke which was wrapped around your finger. Then use our ring size guide below to check your ring size. 

Option 2

Find your size with your own ring

Measure the inside diameter (in mm) of the ring which fits the right finger. You can now use the size chart to calculate your ring size. 

Size 44 and 46 are pinky ring sizes.